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Neck Injuries Among Athletes Are Serious. Here’s Why.

Protecting against athletes’ neck injuries is crucial. WHEN IT COMES TO football-related head injuries, the headline-grabbers are usually about concussion. However, it’s not infrequent that a hard-enough hit to the head can result in both a concussion and a significant injury to the cervical spine, or neck. What’s more, it isn’t the professional players who are sustaining the…

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When is it Time to Seek a Second Opinion?

You’ll have to ‘go with your gut’ on this one, but some tips can help. When it comes time to make home renovations, or perhaps repairs to the car, most people are comfortable with getting more than one “quote.” Maybe this is because the object in question is inanimate – not “alive” – and so…

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Spinal Tumors: What to Know

They’re rare, but more treatment options are available when they’re identified early. SOMEWHERE IN THE vicinity of 80% of Americans will suffer from acute back pain at least once in their lives, with most episodes resolving over time and very few turning into conditions that require reparative surgery. Though conditions like herniated discs, spinal instability and stenosis…

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Understanding Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

When spinal conditions require surgery to correct them, knowing how they work is important. Artificial disc replacement surgery involves replacing a damaged spinal disc with an artificial one. These artificial discs are designed to mimic the form and function of the spine’s natural disc, with the goal of eliminating back pain and maintaining range of…

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Back Pain in Runners

Back pain in runners often stems from weak core muscles. WHEN WE THINK OF AVID runners, we often conjure in our minds people who are at the peak of fitness – active and agile, with maybe the occasional bout of knee pain, but never anything too serious because these people are healthy. Well, study after study has…

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Regenerative Medicine for Spine Conditions

The ability to use the body’s own tissue to help heal itself has a lot of potential. YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD the statistics: As many as half of adults in the U.S. suffer from back painin any given  given time frame. What’s even more interesting is that these back pain facts and figures likely aren’t shocking to…

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