Transparency and Accountability in Health Care

What Patients Should Know about the National Physician Transparency Payment Program

Established as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the NPPTP (often called the Sunshine Act) was developed to promote transparency in the business relationships between health care providers and the medical device/pharmaceutical industry in the United States.

The Sunshine Act requires medical device/pharmaceutical manufacturers to submit reports annually to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), certain payments or other transfers of value they have made to physicians and teaching hospitals in the previous calendar year. Details of this compensation are posted on a publicly accessible website that is maintained by CMS.

While there is no Sunshine Act reporting requirement for the physicians who receive such payments, transparency in our business actions is crucially important to our relationship with our patients and the public.

As the inventor of specific aspects involved in the performance of minimally invasive spine surgery, Dr. Anand is frequently sought by the medical device industry as an expert, consultant, scientific advisory board member and educator. He is steadfast in his mission to improve outcomes for patients with debilitating spine conditions and is committed to furthering the field of spine care for people around the world.

In the interest of maintaining transparency with his patients and the public, Dr. Anand has chosen to provide a link here to his summary information listed on the CMS website – Open Payments.  Additionally, CMS provides nature of payment explanations, here.

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies would not be able to create the products they manufacture without significant physician involvement. As the people who care for patients on a daily basis, physicians are crucial resources to consult when it comes to creating safer and more effective ways to deliver the best possible spine care. Dr. Anand is proud to be among the physician innovators who are deeply committed to furthering technology for the highest-quality spine care for patients everywhere.