Elena O.

Diagnosis: Lumbar disc herniation with degenerative disc disease

“Thank you again for a wonderful surgery.”

At only 30 years old, this USC student presented to Dr. Anand complaining of lower back pain. She first noted symptoms in 2011, which began as pain radiating down her left leg. She was able to manage for about three years with anti-inflammatories and physical therapy. However, in 2014, she experienced another episode of pain in her back and left leg that were so severe and disabling that she was on bedrest for almost a month. Upon examination of her MRI, a large, central disc herniation was identified at L4-5. Dr. Anand advised her that her symptoms were consistent with the disc herniation compressing her nerves and from a dysfunctional L4-5 disc. As an alternative to a fusion in this young patient, Dr. Anand recommended a L4-5 artificial disc replacement in order to maintain motion at that disc level and potentially reduce her risk for adjacent segment degeneration. She proceeded with the procedure in July 2014. Five years later, she returned to the office for routine evaluation with no back or leg pain and to inform us that she was pregnant.

“I wanted to let you know, that we welcomed a healthy boy into our family on December 22, 2019. With my artificial disc replacement, I’ve had a great pregnancy with no issues, and gave birth vaginally. Epidural, pushing, and all. My back didn’t bother me in the slightest. Thank you again for a wonderful surgery.”