Susan K.

A x-ray of the back of a person 's neck.

Everything can change in a blink of an eye. This is no truer than for this vibrant patient who fell down a flight of stairs in 2016 and injured her neck. With pain in her neck, numbness in her left index and middle finger, and weakness in her left hand, she presented to Dr. Anand in 2016. X-rays revealed that she had a distraction injury with subluxation at C6-7 (note the way the space between the spinous process of C6 and C7 is widened and splayed). An MRI showed edema between C6 and C7 and discontinuity of the anterior longitudinal ligament. Dr. Anand advised her that surgically stabilizing her spine was the best option to treat the dislocation, decompress the nerve roots, and protect her spinal cord. She underwent a C6-7 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion and recovered quite well from the procedure. Within a week from surgery, she was already demonstrating a clinical improvement in her left hand strength and sensation.

In 2017, Susan and her husband Bill received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 44th Annual Annie Awards. Dr. Anand was honored and humbled to be recognized by Susan at the show (acknowledgement begins at 25 minute mark).

Annie Awards Video