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Turning Back The Hands of Father “Spine”

How You Can Help Your Spine Age Gracefully – 5 Practical Tips The overall population of the United States is getting older. Sixty years ago, approximately 17 million Americans were aged 65 or older. Today, those numbers have skyrocketed to over 55 million. The number of older people in the United States is predicted to…
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WARNING: Preventing Traumatic Spine Injury – 4 Factors of Focus

Over the years, I’ve written extensively on how people can avoid spine surgery for various conditions that cause back pain and, when they can’t, how surgery can often be performed using a minimally invasive approach. Most of those articles have an asterisk disclaimer that comes with them because traumatic spine injuries are an “exception to…
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Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery – 4 Key Considerations

The decision to undergo spine surgery is a deeply personal one. Having performed procedures now numbering in the thousands, I can state with genuine humility that all cases are unique. While the patients’ anatomy may be similar, each decides to undergo surgery from a unique set of circumstances, backgrounds, and life goals. However, if you…
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Men’s Health Month: Turning BACK the Hands of Father Time

No matter your gender, back pain can be one of the most frustrating medical conditions around. And though we often talk about how it affects people in general, it’s necessary sometimes to point out the differences in how back pain presents itself, sometimes uniquely, in men and women. With June as Men’s Health Month, this…
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Understanding Spinal Osteoarthritis

Of the more than 100 different types of arthritis known to the world, osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common and affects millions of people around the globe. Often, people think osteoarthritis affects the hands, knees, and sometimes the feet of older people. However, the degenerative bone condition also impacts the spines of many humans worldwide,…
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Why Does Back Pain Seem to Rise When Temperatures Drop?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as of this blog’s publishing, we’ve still got almost two months of winter left in the United States. Unfortunately, the extreme cold of the winter can give rise to back pain episodes for many Americans. There are various reasons this may be the case –…
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Learn About Spinal Health and Related Topics

A Renewed Focus on Nutrition – With Your Spine in Mind

The beginning of the year is often the time when people place a renewed focus on their health. As the ...
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What Happens When the (Spinal) Disc Skips?

With the advent of technology and streaming services, effectively no one listens to music on compact discs (CDs) anymore. But ...
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4 Non-Invasive Back Pain Treatment Options YOU Can Employ TODAY

When it comes to back pain, there can be some very polarizing opinions from the public and the medical community ...
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It’s Time for You to Show Back Pain Who’s Boss

Back pain can seem like life's unrelenting and cruel boss, especially in people frequently affected by it. If your lower ...
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