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Preventing and Alleviating Back Spasms

These tips can result in major benefits to your spine. MANY PEOPLE SUFFER FROM painful back spasms – those seemingly out-of-nowhere jolts to the spine that can stop you in your tracks. Not only are back spasms painful, but they’re also annoying and stressful, and can lead to missing days at work or school and…
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Build a Healthier Spine at Home

Even during uncertain times, there is no shortage of ways to improve your S.P.I.N.E health. Most people are aware that an insulated, sedentary lifestyle is bad for our health. Our species is designed to move and gather. However, our current circumstances have made it much more challenging to prioritize our overall physical and mental health.…
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What to Do When Spine Surgery Is Delayed

As the coronavirus pandemic slows down spine surgery, your wait doesn’t have to be idle. F YOU’RE LIKE THE MANY Americans who had a surgical procedure canceled, postponed or rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely feeling anxious and uncertain. And if you’re someone who had a spine surgery procedure scheduled, you’re likely also…
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Coping With a Bulging Disc in the Neck

You might not give it a second thought, but your neck is essential for proper movement. IF YOU’RE LIKE MOST people, you probably don’t give your neck a second thought until something goes wrong – but it’s important. In addition to providing support for your head, which can weigh up to 12 pounds, your neck…
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Minding Your Spine During Stressful Times

Reminders to help keep back pain at bay while social distancing at home. Right now, if you’re like most of the American population some, likely-significant, part of your life that lives outside of your living space has been told to go home. The stay-at-home and social distancing requests from our health officials and federal government…
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How Binge-Watching TV Can Affect Spine Health

Stretching every day is an excellent way to prevent back pain and spasms. SOME OF US CAN REMEMBER what it was like to watch a 30-minute or one-hour show on television, and then wait an entire week – if not several months – for the next episode or season to air. But today, with full…
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Learn About Spinal Health and Related Topics

CBT for Lower Back Pain

Understanding the brain's important role in chronic lower back pain may spell relief. THE STATISTICS ARE clear: You have experienced or ...
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Neck Injuries Among Athletes Are Serious. Here’s Why.

Protecting against athletes’ neck injuries is crucial. WHEN IT COMES TO football-related head injuries, the headline-grabbers are usually about concussion. However, ...
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When is it Time to Seek a Second Opinion?

You’ll have to ‘go with your gut’ on this one, but some tips can help. When it comes time to ...
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Spinal Tumors: What to Know

They're rare, but more treatment options are available when they're identified early. SOMEWHERE IN THE vicinity of 80% of Americans will ...
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